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Video Production

My love for music and film began as early as 2005. Capturing what others couldn’t see in real time has always been a passion of mine. Now, as a professional videographer, I’m able to make a living leveraging the 15+ years of stories, pictures, soundtracks, music videos, and visual diaries that have floated around in my head long before BluVision Productions LLC ever existed. 


My unique style of editing gives viewers a glance into what it feels like to “see sound”. The BluVision Production is Life Is A Music Video. Whether it’s a large music/theatrical production or an intimate/private corporate event, I infuse independent music production, unique photography and videography practices, stylized color-grading, and fundamental techniques into each project. 


My clients end up becoming a bit more than clients - on purpose. I work hard to foster my relationships with the business owners, friends, individuals, and companies that hire me. As a visionary, it’s not only my goal to meet my client’s expectations, but to meet them with an elevated version of their production they never considered.


BluVision is mine: Blu’s Vision. Taking a list of ideas, art, and footage, and spinning into audio-visual gold is what I do. Your ideas are the thread, and my lens is the spinning wheel that will take your project  to the next level.

Mike "Blu" Priester


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